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Project Aims

Project Aims:

a. To strengthen teaching staff capacities and student skill sets through innovative teaching & learning methodologies by offering trainings combining theoretical and practical inputs & study visits.

b. To introduce new technologies, software and ways of producing learning content by modernising technical infrastructure of Thai & Burmese HEIs - creating, equipping and putting in operation the Social Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hubs;

c. To enhance the cooperation HE-Enterprise and students learning experience by developing Innovative Social Entrepreneurship Case studies in cooperation with established social entrepreneurs, to apply the innovative methods learned and prepare the students for innovative thinking & acting in “real life” contexts;

d. To promote greater access to high quality educational materials on the topic of teaching & learning methods and technology enhancement, providing Open Educational Resources to regional and international communities;

e. To extend networks in social entrepreneurship innovation in national & international HE contexts by joint publications and organising the International Conference on Innovative SE practices.