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One last time meeting in Breda University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands.

The STEPup team is meeting for one last time within the project in Breda, Netherlands this January 9th to 11th.

The goal is to learn from centers attached to a university that connect research with practical applications, students with faculty staff and entrepreneurs as well as national and international experiences.
During the first day we met with Tijs from the INNOVATION SQUARE, Angelica from the SOCIAL INNOVATION PERFORMATORY and were treated to a very inspiring talk by Mitch from GOODZOOI, one of the Good Practice Cases of our EU Catalogue.
Moreover, inspiring input that can be directly translated into our Social Entrepreneurship Hubs came from visiting as follows:
- the EXPERIENCE LAB, where faculty members and students research on the connection between emotions and experience
- the EDFACTORY studio, which allows faculty members to record Knowledge clips
- the Good practice company case COOLFINITY, a social enterprise that provides stable medical fridges in areas where power outages are common
- LCB, an organization that works on bringing sustainability to the logistics sector in the NL
- the BLIND WALLS TOUR, a community project
- VOEDSELTUIN, an organization including SDGs in their daily practice
Thank you to all the wonderful people, who took time out of their busy days to meet and share their experiences with us.