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Case Challenge event at MSU SEKH

The 1st Thai Partners’ Local Case Challenge Event @MSU Mahasarakham University.

On April 5th 2022, Mahasarakham University Social Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (MSU-SEKH), Thailand has organized the first local case challenge event at the Faculty of Engineering Co-Working Space. The event is aimed at learning and sharing five (5) students’ projects that they have been working on with five (5) social entrepreneurs. The student-business projects are consisting of:
(1) Cassava by Mr. Thanarak Phosingh
(2) Rai Sodsai Thai Vapi Herbs by Mr. Thanapol Ngamsatit
(3) Don Keng Mushroom Farm by Miss Tawanrat Praputrungsee
(4) Don Ya Nang Organics Rice by Thaya Pantong
(5) Rai Por Piang Dee Sugarcane Organics by Parinya Lerdpraserd

The invited committees were the STEPup project EU members, a representative from each partner university from Thailand and Myanmar, and external committees that evaluated the students’ performances. The result of the assessment rubrics by the jury will be mutually agreed and the winners will soon be announced. In the next stage, the outcome will be published in the STEPup project joint publication for further dissemination and sustainability of the project. Later this year, the outcome will be presented at the international conference.