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Case Challenge Event at PYU SEKH

The 4th Thai Partners’ Local Case Challenge Event @PYU Payap University.

The final Thai Partners’ Local Case Challenge was fruitfully completed at the Payap University Social Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub, North of Thailand. The Social Enterprises
(1) Warm Heart Foundation, presented by Miss Kantima Aeawsuwan,
(2) Doctor Tree, presented by Mr. Wasan Tatiya,
(3) Elephant Parade, presented by Miss Patcharin Inteja,
(4) Make money from dried leaf, presented by Miss Thida Khamsirirat,
(5) Forest Landscape Restoration Fund, presented by Mr. Nathapong Kruebupha, and
(6) Akha Ama Coffee, presented by Miss Pinyapat Sangpin.

The successful pitching event were presented onsite with a virtual streaming while the Jury committees were formed by the STEPup project EU members, partner universities’ representatives, and the external committees from Chiangmai Social Enterprise.
We look forwarding to celebrating the winner which is coming soon!
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