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Project Consortium Meeting

In the scope of the STEPup Project

In the scope of the STEPup Project, consortium members agreed to meet on a regular basis to assure that the project implementation and work package deliverables are aligned with the timeframe and are perceived in good quality according to the objectives and main goals of the project.

Further, these meetings are important to allow all participants to voice urgent matters and / or concerns, which ultimately strengthens the overall partnership. The Kick-off meeting was held in Graz, at FH JOANNEUM / the project coordinator´s venue. The later consortium-meetings were all set bi- monthly and after every train the trainer sessions (training 1, training 2, training 3, training 4).

The last consortium meeting was organized in June 2021 with the purpose of finalizing the first half of the project implementation including the monitoring and evaluation of all the work packages for the 1st interim report to the donor agency.

At the moment, the STEPup project consortium is going to re-start onsite once again in this upcoming June 2022 hosted by FH JOANNEUM (FHJ), Graz, Austria to refresh the project implementation by all partners after the severe weakening situation from the Pandemic.