MDC’s SEKH is a powerful accelerator for social enterprises by delivering social and economic value to the community. Value creation will be derived from the synergy triangulation between the government, social enterprises and the NMDC SEKH.

Mission Statement

NMDC SEKH aims to be the voice for social enterprises by enhancing awareness of social enterprises giving information to policy makers to generate support for social enterprises. With the cooperation of private sector organizations who want to explore the growing social enterprise market a variety of educational programs will be developed and offered to the key stakeholders.

1. passing on the information from the Government to the Social Enterprises and vice versa.
2. providing training on specific Social Entrepreneurship topics
3. sharing experiences and knowledge on Social Entrepreneurship
4. bridging the relationship between education and Social Entrepreneurship

Executive Summary

NMDC’s SEKH stands as an intermediary between community and business organizations providing services to social entrepreneurs, students and traditional entrepreneurs. Since there is a need for use of business theory and innovative ways and interaction among social enterprise businesses, NMDC SEKH fills the gap by providing training, consulting services and bringing networks that will solve their problems and enhance the potential of social enterprise .

Our first and foremost goal is to be able to run the SEKH by the beginning of 2022. After that and until January 2023 at least 10 vocational trainings to the different stakeholders will be implemented. Until 2026 we are planning to have at least 50 Social Entrepreneurs as our SEKH members.

Our members will receive frequent information about training possibilities, networking opportunities and mentoring opportunities to strengthen their social business model. NMDC SEKH’s target markets are:
a.) students who are in the higher education institutions and enthusiastic about social enterprise business
b.) existing traditional entrepreneurs who want to turn their business into social business
c.) social enterprises who are already running

After the end of the three years project, the NMDC SEKH will continue to operate based on the income generated by the proposed services (training, research, and consulting). The Hub’s financial plan will operate in the way to meet the goals of social and business society. This requires that all profits made from income-generating activities be used exclusively to either:
• Cover general operating expenditure of the NMDC SEKH
• Fund further sustainable business projects in line with NMDC core value.