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Agroforestry Group

Parinya Burirak is the owner of the Social Enterprise Lung Yai Garden Kon Wong Plaw, which is located in the Songkhla Province of Thailand. His garden is based on an integrated farming system and agro tourism connecting 13 households in three sub districts. The cooperation leads to more agricultural solid networks. The case challenge helps gather more people and promote the program. He hopes that younger generations and their families can benefit from the training they receive in the project.
Maikrom Madeeyoh is doing his major in Animal Production Innovation and Management at the Prince of Songkla University. He is participating in the case challenge to gain experience in working with entrepreneurs and farmers. The student is excited about the cooperation and hopes to get new knowledge, and to practice working with people and under pressure.

Split Gill Mushroom

The group leader Penporn Kwandam represents the Social Enterprise Split Gill Mushroom from Tha Kham, Songkhla, Thailand. Their goal is to support the village by increasing people’s income. Through the case challenge, she hopes to acquire knowledge and experience that helps to improve the future of the Social Enterprise and its farmers.
Miss Chalisa Sreesuk is studying Agricultural Innovation and Management in Soil Science. She participates in the case challenge to gain new knowledge and enhance her problem-solving, teamwork and time management skills. She is excited to build a network and enhance her communication and coordination skills.

Chemical Free Vegetables and Fruits Chana Community Enterprise

The Social Enterprise of Chemical Free Vegetables and Fruits from Chana, Songkhla, Thailand, is represented by Chairman Pichet Labu. Established in 2016 by a group of farmers, they distribute safe produce for the domestic market. Through the case challenge, the Chairman expects to gain knowledge in sales and online marketing. He also hopes to transform the Social Enterprise into a learning centre. As an outcome, running the business will become more efficient and sustainable.
The Agricultural Innovation and Management student Iskanda Adulrak is participating in the case challenge to gain professional experience and help farmers in solving problems. He also hopes to improve his communication and teamwork skills and is excited about making a social media video.

Bann Rai Dek Chai Khao Homestay

Teerapong Khunphet is the owner of Bann Rai Dek Chai Khao Homestay in Rattaphum, Songkhla, Thailand. It was founded to create an extra income for people in the community by promoting the local tourism attraction, Khu Ha Hill, and surrounding villages. They aim to decrease the community’s dependency on external resources.
The case challenge helps them to build awareness about their business. The owner hopes to benefit from development and problem-solving approaches during the case challenge to attract more tourists to his homestay. Sasina Tongnim is doing her major in Agricultural Innovation and Management. She joined the case challenge to improve soft skills and gain professional experience. She is excited about going on a field trip to entrepreneurs, solving problems, and developing herself.

Varni Community Enterprise Learning Centre

Manatpong Senghuad is the vice president of the Varni Community Enterprise Learning Centre in Kuan Kanoon, Phatthalung, Thailand. Varni craft has turned a small artisanal community into a creative hub that produces attractive and unique basketry designs for international markets. They joined the case challenge to promote the business and work with students. They hope to increase the community's income and solve the problem of unemployment.
Warissara Chaichana is an agricultural development student at the Prince of Songkla University. She joined in the case challenge to meet different social entrepreneurs and develop skills like adaptability, problem-solving, and teamwork. She is excited about joining an extracurricular activity and having a real-world experience.

PSU Farmer Market

Worapat Phaikeaw is a PSU Farmer’s Market manager. The market was established at the Faculty of Natural Resources, Prince of Songkla University as a distribution centre for agricultural products. They seek to maximize the benefits of beneficiaries, society, customers, and the environment. The market operates as a learning centre for students. Through the case challenge, students can gain new experiences and develop themselves. The PSU Farmer Market wants to be a supporting and encouraging participant in this network.
The agricultural development student Manatsawee Sae-Taew participates in the case challenge to gain new experience working with other people and social entrepreneurs. She expects to develop professional and soft skills and is excited about the field trips.